• Tack cover under your horse Insurance policy


    Saddlery and tack can be expensive, and we all want peace of mind that cover is in place under our horse insurance policy, especially for theft.

    However, you must make certain you are complying with the security requirements of your insurer. If you have not complied, you may find that your policy will not respond when you come to make a claim.

    When your saddlery and tack are kept in a tack room, insurers will usually impose conditions in respect of theft cover. If the tack room has opening windows for example, they may need to be barred in order to meet the security requirements.

    Many insurers will also not accept a padlock on final exit doors, and will instead require a five-lever mortice deadlock. These locks are reasonably priced, so remember to take the time to ensure you have adequate locks fitted. Many insurers will also require an alarm, depending on the total value of items kept in the tack room.

    You may also find that insurers need an original receipt or recent valuation of items before a claim will be considered. These requirements will all be detailed in your policy documents, so remember to read through these thoroughly and be certain you understand your obligations.  If you are at all unsure about anything speak to your broker or advisor to clarify, as it is much easier in our experience to establish this before a claim, rather than discover it after a claim has occurred.