• Do you have Public Liability cover for yourself and your horse?


    If you do not, current events should make you reconsider. A young girl was recently paralysed following a fall from her boyfriend’s mothers horse, and the large payout she will receive can help afford the care she needs for the rest of her life. This should make all horse owners stop and think.

    Stand-alone Rider insurance policies can provide the necessary cover, or alternatively, the Public Liability cover can be included under your Horse policy. Premiums are usually very reasonable and should suit everyone’s pocket.

    If you are a horse owner, incidents can always occur no matter where you are or what activities you’re doing. Your horse could escape the field, into the road and cause a serious accident. If you don’t have Public Liability cover in place, the responsibility and necessary payouts will fall to you alone.

    If you do have Public Liability cover in place, speak with your broker or insurer to clarify what the limits are. £1,000,000 can often prove insufficient.

    Finally, if you are contemplating letting a friend ride your horse, remember to thoroughly assess the situation. Consider if your horse is suitable for them to ride, or if they have the appropriate experience. The responsibility of this decision is entirely yours, so think carefully before letting others ride.