• Personal Accident cover


    Have you ever considered getting Personal Accident cover?

    How would you manage if you had an accident while in the yard or out riding which left you unable to work for a few weeks?

    Could you afford to pay the bills or employ someone to do your job until you are fit to return to work?

    Our Personal Accident policies are inexpensive and can provide you with a Death Benefit. It can also provide an invaluable weekly sum for a duration of up to 104 weeks.

    As an example, a riding school instructor was riding one of her mares when for no apparent reason the horse bucked and she came off.  She injured her back and was told that she may not be able to ride for a year, and for the next 6 months she could not work at her ridings school or even teach.  She put in a claim for her weekly benefit which she then used to pay someone else to help her and pay some of her standing bills.

    If you are interested, please give me a ring on 01473 831056 and I can provide you with a no-obligation quotation.