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  • Why do horses react to the wind?


    Why does a normally quiet horse spook in the Wind? This often happens in the Spring and Autumn when it is particularly windy. So it is important that the rider […]

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  • Pippa Kearns, we are so proud of her


    We thought you would all like a little update on Pippa Kearns whom we sponsor.   Pippa has now turned 16 and the Quadrille event at the British Nationals was […]

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  • Hi Viz Jackets and Hacking


    Why should we wear Hi Viz jackets when hacking? Horses and cars don’t mix!!!  Most of us ride on the roads at some point even if it is only crossing […]

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  • Feeding Your Hoses and Ponies During Winter


    Feeding your horses during the winter can be a challenge. During these months there will be no nutrition left in the grass so horses that live out full time will […]

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  • Choosing a Livery Yard


    For a horse owner, it can be very difficult when choosing a yard that is suitable for you, especially if you are a first time owner. The first thing that […]

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  • Strangles – The word we all dread

    Strangles is one of the most common equine diseases in horses in the UK. It is a highly contagious infection of the upper respiratory tract caused by the bacteria. All […]

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  • Update on Pippa Kearns our Sponsored Dressage Rider


    Pippa and Rosy her horse have represented GB at Keysoe CDIPJY in April and produced 2 solid tests on the first two days and came 8th overall in the Freestyle […]

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  • Lameness


    This can be described as a change in the gait a horse adopts when moving and trying to minimise his discomfort. It can be hard to notice lameness, but in […]

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  • Importance of having a correctly fitting saddle


    Importance of having a correctly fitting saddle. The saddle is the all-important link between the horse and rider. It must both fit perfectly and be appropriate for the activities which […]

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  • Acorn Poisoning


    Did you know that acorns are poisonous to horses? Acorns and other parts of oak trees such as the stems, oak blossoms and leaves are toxic to horses if they […]

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  • Pippa Kearns Dressage Rider Sponsored by First Equestrian Insurance


    Now that Pippa has finished her GCSE’s she will be involved in lots of competitions over the summer. This weekend she will be at Hartpury Festival of Dressage where Team […]

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  • New Place to ride


    I’ve been riding since I was five years old and without giving away my age, that’s a long time! I’ve had several breaks from it over the years due to […]

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