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  • Livery Yard Must Do’s


    If you run a livery yard, whether it is for full, part or DIY liveries there are always must do’s to make sure that you cover yourself for every eventuality. […]

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  • How To Keep Your Horse Cool In Summer


    Did you know that it only takes 17 minutes of moderate exercise in hot weather for your horse to overheat? Beware of Humidity, Moisture in the air can slow down […]

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  • Do I need Employers Liability Cover?


    When you are running a Riding School and Livery Yard, you must ensure that you have the correct cover for your employees, as Employers’ Liability insurance is a legal requirement […]

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  • The Importance of correct Horse Insurance


    Insurance is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a horse. You must ensure that the correct cover is in place and full details have been provided […]

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  • Personal Accident cover


    Have you ever considered getting Personal Accident cover? How would you manage if you had an accident while in the yard or out riding which left you unable to work […]

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  • Horse Insurance, did you know?


    We have recently seen the same questions consistently arise on social media in respect of horse insurance policies. The most common is usually regarding insurers requirements for the horse’s vet […]

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  • Looking After Your Horses Hooves In Winter


    We make sure our horses are warm and well fed during the winter months, but we should also give consideration to their hooves. Cold weather can have an adverse effect […]

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  • Tack cover under your horse Insurance policy


    Saddlery and tack can be expensive, and we all want peace of mind that cover is in place under our horse insurance policy, especially for theft.

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  • Top 100 Independent Brokers of 2017


    We are very proud to announce that First Insurance Solutions are now officially recognised as one of the Top 100 Independent Brokers of 2017 by Insurance Age. This is the […]

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  • Do you have Public Liability cover for yourself and your horse?


    If you do not, current events should make you reconsider. A young girl was recently paralysed following a fall from her boyfriend’s mothers horse, and the large payout she will […]

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  • Horse Insurance and Euthanasia


    When you are faced with the hard decision of whether or not to have your beloved horse put to sleep, you may not be thinking about contacting your insurers.

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  • Veteran insurance cover for your horse.


    When a horse reaches a particular age, insurers become unwilling to provide full cover for vet’s fees and death under a standard policy. The age threshold varies between insurers, but […]

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