• Loss of Use Cover


    This is a topic that confuses many people: should you take it out when buying horse insurance?

    That very much depends on the value of your horse, what you are using it for, and can you afford to buy another one if your horse can no longer be used for the activities that it was purchased, due to injury or disease.

    The definition of the use will vary from policy to policy and is something that you choose when taking a policy out.

    There are two types of cover sold for loss of use:

    • External Injury only loss of use due to accidental external and violent injury only (involving an external wound)
    • Full loss of use provides cover in the event your horse is permanently unable to perform the insured function due to an accident, injury, illness or disease, as long as these were not pre-existing conditions.

    Make sure you ask about this cover when taking out a policy. It does make the premium more expensive, but it is certainly something you should be considering.