• Livery Yard Must Do’s


    If you run a livery yard, whether it is for full, part or DIY liveries there are always must do’s to make sure that you cover yourself for every eventuality.

    Most important is Public Liability Insurance and Care, Custody and Control.  You may think “well all my Liveries are DIY”, and that you don’t have anything to do with their care or day to day management, you can still be found to be negligent in some situations.  For example a livery horse cuts its self in the field as a part of the fencing was broken, or you left a gate open and a livery got out on to the road. Even if you don’t provide any care for the horses you can still be found negligent in some cases.

    Employers Liability Insurance.  If you pay anyone to help on the yard by law you must have Employers Liability Insurance.  This does not stop at paid staff.  If you have any volunteers who help, even if they are unpaid they are still working under your instruction so you must hold the cover.  This also goes for Work Experience who may only be there for 2 weeks of the year.  Always check with your Insurers to make sure you have the correct number of staff covered.

    You should have written contracts in place between you and the liveries owner.  This should state what is expected of them and you so everyone is clear where they stand.

    You should have Risk Assessments for things like working around horses, working on the yard etc. This is a must. In the event of an incident Insurers or a solicitor may ask to see them, and if you don’t have them then this can cause problems.

    Livery yards are supposed to be places of enjoyment where people can relax and enjoy their time with their horses, so let’s make it a safe environment where everyone knows where they stand.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or you would like a quote for Insurance

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