• Laminitis, Early Warning Signs


    Horses suffering from Laminitis have an increased strength in their digital pulses, and normally they will stand on their heel to take the pressure off their painful toes. Normally when the problem is this noticeable the laminitis has progressed and action needs to be taken long before these symptoms show.

    Most owners will know their horse well and realise there is a problem and alarm bells will start to ring.

    Laminitis does not just affect the front feet, it may only affect one foot, so even harder to detect.

    Signs to watch out for:

    • Lameness, Stiffness, foot sore, and change in gait
    • Reluctance to move and lying down more than normal
    • Restlessness and shifting of weight
    • Sweating and blowing
    • Pus may show in the foot.

    If you think your horse has laminitis emergency action is required before it gets any worse and causes permanent damage to the feet.