• Importance of having a correctly fitting saddle


    Importance of having a correctly fitting saddle.

    The saddle is the all-important link between the horse and rider. It must both fit perfectly and be appropriate for the activities which it is intended.

    An ill-fitting saddle can firstly make your horse very uncomfortable. This can lead to your horse’s behaviour changing as he tries to tell you he is in pain, and may cause the horse to start bucking which is of course a danger or biting the girth when you put the saddle on. Secondly, it can lead to back problems.

    There are a few basics which need to be looked at to make sure you are both comfortable.

    Is there a gap along the spine or backbone of your horse? Check the channel of the saddle. This means the saddle should not be touching this area.
    Check the saddle with the rider mounted. If the gap compresses you need to add some padding.
    Remember your horse changes shape. It can put weight on or off and lose muscle tone.
    Check your saddle for any lumps and bumps which can appear over time and cause discomfort.
    You must keep checking your saddle.
    Make sure your horses back is fit.
    Use your common sense.
    Your saddle should be professionally checked at least once per year.