• How To Keep Your Horse Cool In Summer


    Did you know that it only takes 17 minutes of moderate exercise in hot weather for your horse to overheat?

    Beware of Humidity, Moisture in the air can slow down the evaporation of sweat, this makes it more difficult for the horse to cool itself down.

    It can be very serious if your horses temperate hits 105 degrees.

    The salt in a horse’s sweat is 4 times more concentrated than a humans. Make sure you replace the salt that a horse has lost after sweating.  A salt lick can be hung in the stable or in the field.

    If your horse has to stay out all day make sure that there is somewhere for them to get out of the sun and away from the flies such as a field shelter or trees.

    If you think that your horse is getting too hot allow them to rest in a stable that is cool and pour cool water over their back until they have cooled down.

    If you are going to a show make sure you try and leave before it gets too hot as you may end up travelling in the hottest part of the day.

    If your horse is stabled at night.  Why not put him in the stable during the day and let him out during the night.  This helps keep them cool and keep the flies away.

    A cool horse is a happy horse so make sure you help them, as they cannot always protect themselves from the heat.