• Hi Viz Jackets and Hacking


    Why should we wear Hi Viz jackets when hacking?

    Horses and cars don’t mix!!!  Most of us ride on the roads at some point even if it is only crossing the road to get to an off road hack.

    Many of you may think that if it is bright and sunny and full daylight, a car should still be able to see you. But please bear in mind that the accident ratios are no different between summer or winter and the time of day makes no difference.

    You are no safer on a light coloured horse than a dark horse.

    The minimum that you should be wearing is leg bands and a tabard; these should be fully fluorescent, and it has been said that the best colour for drivers to see is pink!!

    You can spend a fortune on these items, but they can be bought very cheaply too; the quality does not matter, they still do the same job.

    What about your horse? They should wear a fluorescent exercise rug along with boots. The reason being, if you come off and the horse gets loose a driver will still be able to see them.

    Please be safe, as you hear every day of horses and rider and cars being involved in an accident.  Don’t let yourself get added to these statistics.