• Feeding Your Hoses and Ponies During Winter


    Feeding your horses during the winter can be a challenge. During these months there will be no nutrition left in the grass so horses that live out full time will need to have ad lib hay. They may also need hard feed to maintain their condition.

    Some owners think that it is a good idea to feed horses up with nuts and mix during the winter, but this is not always the case as a horse that goes into the winter with a little extra weight will come back in spring with a more slender look so once the new grass comes through, they will not become overweight. Feeding your horse with chaff and a good vitamin and mineral supplement will give them all they need while allowing any extra weight to drop.

    Horses who are stabled, but still work throughout the winter will need complementary hard feed, to maintain condition and to give them the energy to carry on competing.

    Older horses can find winter hard and lose condition quickly. They would require a high-fibre cube soaked into a mash.

    If you are at all concerned about what you should be feeding your horse in the winter months, speak to your vet or an equine nutritionist who will be happy to help.