• 21/11/2018

    As a specialist broker for the Equine Industry we frequently quote and recommend on insurances for Livery yards, It often occurs to me that although they are insured at present, they often have limited knowledge in respect of Health and Safety policies and risk assessments, and have no idea where to go to get this information or end up paying an external consultant to sort it for them.

    If you have just set up a Livery yard, however small or large, you will need to do risk assessments.  These could be for working around horses or working on a yard and these are not only for the livery owners but also for customers or any employees.

    It may well be that your existing insurers have sent you a quote or renewed your policy and one of the subjectivities is that these assessments are done.  However, if they are not pointed out to you and discussed then you might not be aware of them if you have not read the documents from cover to cover.

    You will also often have a legal obligation to have carried out your basic Health and Safety requirements and these documents could be subject to a spot check or review by HSE at any time.  Given the nature of the Equine industry and the fact that livery yards, ridings schools can suffer significant injury claims through no fault of their own it is important that if an HSE investigation is then carried out that you have your “house in order”.

    When you are asked to complete a proposal form many of them will ask if you have finished them and if you tick yes, and an incident arises, and it comes to light that you don’t have any assessments, then the claim may be avoided by the insurer.

    So please when you are asking for a quote or renewing a policy, ask your broker/insurer what is required of you and ask for their help, this could mean the difference between a claim being paid out or not.

    If you hold a policy through First Insurance Solutions we are able to include a claims assist package called Complete Response (Details available by clicking here).  This not only provides you with assistance in the event of a claim but it also provides you access to an extensive document library full of template documents for use by your business, this includes Health and Safety Polices, Risks Assessment Templates, Method Statement Templates, PPE registers etc along with a plethora of other useful material.  This in turn will enable you to create and keep these documents yourself to ensure you are compliant with your obligations as a business owner.  To assist you further we will also give you access to our dedicated Health and Safety Advisor who will provide you with 15 minutes free telephone advice to help ensure you are on the right track with it all.


    For any quotes, advice or support please call our specialist advisor Angie Bailey on 01473 831056.